Our Company

Comercial Society and Distributor of Metallurgical and Industrial Excedents "Reximet Limitada" is a Company dedicated to the purchade and sale of scrap iron and industrial excedents.

Our Company worries about recieve in its warehouse the scrap iron of particular houses such as, household-electric, kitchens, refrigerators, irons of constructions, grates, etc. Like also, we retired excedents at the end of tasks the conducted by the big companies, we makes works of disarmament and disassembling of machineries and equipment . We played a very important role for our community, in the cleaning and recycling of the scrap iron, because this is not going to stop to the garbage dumps nor is in the streets, goes directly to the fundición. We also have the necessary people and the elements that facilitate the work to us for the transfer and loads of this.

In the harvesting process, many materials are classified and they recover. Thus our company prepair , repairs and sells,  machinaries, motors, injector pumps , hydraulic, movable etc. 



Alemparte 5945. Talcahuano, Chile. - Teléfono / Fax 41- 2435830 - Teléfono: 41- 2415148
Sucursal: Caupolican 1675. Concepción, Chile. - Teléfono 41- 2211253